Autodesk Factory Design Utilities: Plan and validate factory layouts

Autodesk Factory Design Utilities
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What is Autodesk Factory Design Utilities?

Autodesk Factory Design Utilities® software combines building and equipment data to create production facility layouts.

  • Plan factory layouts in 2D and 3D at the same time.

  • Visualize, review, and validate designs early.

  • Schedule equipment installation and commissioning.

Why use Factory Design Utilities?

Increase manufacturing flexibility

Quickly reconfigure factory layouts to meet changing demand.

Optimize factory designs

Coordinate complex data and processes to meet project requirements.

Reduce redundant processes

Reclaim valuable time with automation and data management.

Save energy resources

Design efficient factories to reduce environmental impact.

What you can do with Factory Design Utilities

Simplify concept and detail design workflows

Easily generate 3D models from DWG™ files. Centrally manage asset libraries and attached metadata so data is reliable and available.

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Catch problems before they happen

Catch problems before they happen

Visualize building and equipment data in a single digital representation of the production facility. Detect clashes in detailed design reviews and simulate scheduling to anticipate issues.

Which product is right for you?

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