Autodesk Insight: Building performance analysis software 

Autodesk Insight

What is Insight?

Insight empowers architects and engineers to design more energy-efficient buildings with advanced simulation engines and building performance analysis data integrated in Revit.

What is Autodesk InfraWorks?<br />

2030 Challenge support

Design more efficient buildings, and achieve your sustainability goals and reporting requirements for the AIA 2030 Commitment and other green building initiatives with Insight.

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Insight features

Better building performance

Discover intuitive, outcome-driven insight into energy and environmental optimization, from design to operation.

Whole building energy

Capture whole building and system interactions with full dynamic thermal energy simulation using DOE 2.2. and EnergyPlus.

Real-time feedback

Visualize and interact with key performance indicators, factors, and ranges to help make better design decisions.

Daylighting analysis

Simulate, calculate, and visualize key daylighting metrics, like daylight autonomy and annual sunlight exposure.

BIM workflow integration

Enlist the power of FormIt Pro and Revit to automatically create energy models, from early concept to detailed design.

Heating and cooling load

Analyze the total building heating and cooling load calculations with the EnergyPlus heat balance method.

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What is Autodesk InfraWorks?

Autodesk InfraWorks

“Dapatkan Autodesk InfraWorks untuk proyek infrastruktur Anda. Solusi lengkap desain 3D. Tingkatkan efisiensi proyek Anda. Dapatkan sekarang!”

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Autodesk ReCap Pro

“Dapatkan Autodesk ReCap Pro untuk solusi pemindaian 3D terbaik. Optimalkan proyek Anda dengan akurasi tinggi. Dapatkan sekarang!” 

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